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Arena-flow, LLC - Albuquerque, NM

Headquartered in New Mexico, USA - the birthplace of computational modeling - Arena-flow, LLC is recognized as a global technology pioneer after successfully commercializing its unique Arena-flow Sand Core Engineering Software based on the CPFD technology. Today, Arena-flow is in used at OEMs and foundries world-wide.

Why is it called CPFD? Invented at the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory in the 1950's and 60's, computational fluid dynamics, called "CFD", is a mathematical expression of the physics of the movements of fluids, that is liquids and gases. CFD computer software simulates real-world fluid-flow events, such as modeling the flow of air over an aircraft wing, or predicting the flow of an oil spill in a river channel. Sand in an hour glass is said to "flow", and so for many years CFD computer codes were used to model and predict the movement of particles as well as fluids.

But particles are solids, not fluids: imagine picking up a handful of sand and a handful of water. Arena-flow, LLC has solved the long-standing problem of how to incorporate the correct physics of the movement of solid particles together with (transporting) fluids, resulting in its unique CPFD numerical simulation technology.

The idea for the original CPFD numerical technique was incubated with assistance from General Motors, NASA and Auburn University. The sand foundry industry struggled for years with a high scrap rate of metal casting due to poorly made sand cores over which molten metal is poured, such as in the case of casting engine blocks. The Arena-flow software (arena is Latin for sand) was developed to model the flow of sand into the sand core molds to assist engineers in determining why sand cores were not consistently of high quality. This was the first commercial product available using the breakthrough CPFD technology to visualize and understand these failures.

The Arena-flow product is owned by Arena-flow, LLC and sublicensed by Arena-flow's agents including ASK Chemicals, in Dublin, Ohio.

Case Studies

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    Core Scrap Reduction

    Cost savings are obtained by reducing the scrap rate for a cylinder block water jacket core.

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    Casting Scrap Reduction

    Cost savings are obtained by reducing the scrap rate for cam shaft castings produced by two shell mold halves.

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    Cycle Time Optimization

    Cost savings are obtained by reducing the cycle time for a precision sand cover core.

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    Capital Cost Savings

    Significant capital cost savings are obtained by optimizing each core in a core package.

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