Meeting Needs, One Customer At A Time

No two customers are identical - we've learned that over the years. Some prefer to have a centralized engineering center supporting many sites; others prefer a distributed knowledge base. Some prefer to bring core-competencies in-house; others prefer to utilize external expertise.  Whether your organization is best serviced through software licensing, engineering services or you're simply not sure, we will work with you to customize a solution to fit your needs.

Software Licensing

Annual licensing of Arena-flow is the preferred method of utilizing this unique Sand Core Engineering Technology for many of our customers.  Bringing Arena-flow in-house gives you full flexibility over your own production timelines, while you still benefit from our support and training programs.  Contact us to Get Started, today.


Engineering Services

Engineering services mean different things to different people - and rightly so.  Your needs are unique.  Arena-flow can tailor a custom offering to meet your needs.  Engineering services can include:

  • an objective opinion of blow tube and vent placement for a new core box design
  • understanding undesirable behavior in a problem core, and correcting it
  • optimization for cycle time and productivity
  • minimization of consumable usage
  • design services for an entire core package

Whether it's solving a problem, optimizing a process or augmenting your own in-house analysis, we offer a wide variety of services to fit your needs.  Contact us to Get Started with a custom service plan, today.

Case Studies

  • [photo]

    Core Scrap Reduction

    Cost savings are obtained by reducing the scrap rate for a cylinder block water jacket core.

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  • [photo]

    Casting Scrap Reduction

    Cost savings are obtained by reducing the scrap rate for cam shaft castings produced by two shell mold halves.

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  • [photo]

    Cycle Time Optimization

    Cost savings are obtained by reducing the cycle time for a precision sand cover core.

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  • [photo]

    Capital Cost Savings

    Significant capital cost savings are obtained by optimizing each core in a core package.

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Still not convinced?  Give us your most challenging core and see what we can do.

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